What do you do the rest of the year?

The Question

“What do you do the other 10 months of the year”?!?  The question everyone in camping gets asked!  One answer is, attending conferences and participating in professional development.  We hear speakers outside the industry and meet with people within our industry to discuss a variety of topics.  Leadership, emergency action planning, nutrition, customer service, and break out ideas are some of what we cover!

Thanks Kevin!

We recently attended a training on Mental Health First Aid.  It is a similar concept to first aid and CPR training, but with a focus on mental health.  Not long after taking the course, I read an article by Kevin Love.   Kevin is a professional basketball player on the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Kevin’s words are powerful.  He talks about a specific incident he had which made him realize how important it is ask for help, talk about what you are going through and not be ashamed.


Participating in professional development and “talking camp” 365 days a year, is just a piece of what helps us make Wicosuta a Community where campers & staff feel Confident and Competent.


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