What is the credit/refund policy for this summer?

We appreciate the trust and loyalty of our camp families.  To that end, our goal in creating our credit/refund policy was to make you whole by allowing each family to select an option that works best for them. To review the options available to you please log in to MyCampminder and choose Postponement Options from your Forms Dashboard.

Does 2020 count as a camper year?

Yes—2020 will count as a year spent at camp. Campers will move up with their age group and will not repeat their 2020 group, i.e. 2020 Agawans will be Zunis in 2021.  Campers will get their 2020 longevity awards at camp in 2021.     

My child is a 2020 Totem. What is the plan for this group? Can she return to camp next summer?

We understand the special and important nature of the Totem experience.  We are committed to providing a meaningful Summer 2021 experience for this group should they be interested.  We plan to engage T ’20 campers and parents in the weeks to come to discuss options, so that we can plan accordingly.  Your daughter may wonder about her “W” necklace.  We will mail each girl in the Totem 2020 group her “W” necklace this summer.  We will reach out to the girls about their Totem clothing, as well.  Should they choose to, that clothing may still be ordered from The Camp Spot as long as the minimum order threshold is met for each item.

I purchased clothing from The Camp Spot. What is their return/credit policy?

The Camp Spot has extended its return policy from 30 days to up until July 10th.  Thus, The Camp Spot will gladly accept the return of any merchandise for any reason (up until July 10th) for store credit, provided that it is in re-sellable condition and has not been washed, worn, personalized or customized. Items that have been name taped by The Camp Spot are not considered personalized and may be returned or exchanged.  Store credits will be valid for all of the 2021 season.  

If you are seeking to return your Camp Spot order, or some portion of your order, please go to https://www.thecampspot.com/returns.aspx and follow the instructions.  Also, please do not just send back your entire order without first removing any personalized or customized items.  

I already signed up with PackMyRx. What will happen with my daughter’s medication(s)?

Families that registered with PackMyRx will get a full refund of their registration fee. If needed, PackMyRx will assist in the transfer of any prescriptions to your local pharmacy.

I signed up to have my child’s bags shipped through R & B Baggage/Camp Trucking. What is their refund/credit policy?

Our baggage shipping companies will be issuing refunds in the form of a credit for the 2021 season or refund of payment. 

My child’s flight to camp is booked and paid for through Atlas Travel? What is the cancelation/refund policy?

Atlas Travel will contact each family that has booked travel to discuss refund/credit options.

I would like to understand more of the specific reasoning behind the decision to postpone camp?

In making our decision, we considered a number of health-related and program pivots.  If you would like additional information on our process and thinking, please email us and we can set up some time to talk on the phone.

Why are some camps delayed while others are closing?

Camps must make the decision that is right for them based on their State, program, staffing ability, and their confidence in operating safely. The entire camp industry is navigating these very difficult decisions together. Please understand that each camp is facing unique challenges and must make decisions that are best for them and on their own timeline. 

Will Wico offer a virtual camp program this summer? How can our family stay connected to camp?

As you might imagine, decision-making has been our primary focus over the last several weeks.  Now that we know our plans for the summer, we can focus on what we CAN do.  We will continue to provide thoughtful and meaningful ways for our campers to stay connected throughout the summer and keep the spirit and community of Wico strong.  We will be in touch as that programming is finalized. We encourage campers and parents to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date on these virtual events.  

Will there be any available programming on site, at camp this summer?

We are looking into the possibility of “Family Camp” which would allow you to rent a cabin at camp.  NH State guidelines, travel restrictions and health recommendations will factor into our planning of this program.  We will be in touch soon with more information and details.

Will Wicosuta open for Summer 2021?

YES! And next summer will be the best one yet! We plan to have the biggest belated camp birthday ever and look forward to you being a part of that.  We have been here for almost 100 summers and plan to be here for at least 100 more!