Oski: 1st & 2nd Grades

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Daily Schedule

Oskis, the youngest campers, travel as a group, so that they may bond with their bunk and groupmates, while also being exposed to lots of new activities!  The last period of the day, called Selective, is a daily choice.    

Evening Activities

Oskis participate in all of Wico’s favorite Lower Camp evening activities, including Monster Mash, Candy Horse Races and the ever popular Gold Rush.

Off-Camp Program

Campers go on two field trips, “Trip Days,” with their entire group.  In addition, they will go on an overnight to Wico’s beach and visit Squam Lakes Nature Center.

  • Each bunk has a Camp Mom who chaperones campers to and from all of their activities and provides plenty of TLC!
  • Additional “taste-test” activities include lacrosse, cooking, archery and field hockey.