First-Time Campers

Welcome to the Wico Family! We look forward to getting to know you!

Big Sister Program

When you sign up for Camp Wicosuta, we will assign you a Big Sister - an older girl who has been to Camp Wicosuta for at least one summer. She will be your first camp friend. She will contact you before camp even starts . Once at camp, big and little sisters participate in a special event, may sit together at campfures and cookouts, and see each other…. throughout the day!

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Careful Bunk Placement

We understand that, in addition to your big sister, the girls in your bunk will be some of your closest friends at camp! In order to create the happiest bunk communities possible, we rework our bunks each summer. We match first-time campers with girls who share interests and we enjoy each other's company.  In advance of camp, we will ask you and your parents to tell us about you. This information will help your counselors get to know you better and will help us place you in the best bunk possible. Our goal is for you to share your summer with kind and considerate fellow campers, girls with whom you will return for years to come!

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Dining Hall Seating

Campers sit with others in their age group. We assign tables each week so that you have an opportunity to meet as many people in your group as possible. Assigning tables also does away with the notion of "saved seats."

Assigned Seats on the Bus to Camp

Seats on the bus to camp are assigned, as well. The youngest campers sit in the front of the bus, followed by the next youngest age group and onward. Our oldest group sits in the back. We assign seats for all campers regardless of the number of years they have been at camp.