Why Wico?

The Top 7 Reasons to Choose Camp Wicosuta … And Why They Are So Important!

The 4-Week Camp Experience

Long enough to settle in and enjoy all camp has to offer and still have precious summer time for family vacations, special interests and old-fashioned downtime.

Two Distinct Sessions

Having our campers attend for one session means our campers share the journey – beginning, middle and end – together. In this way, girls bond over their shared experiences. These camp friendships last into adulthood. No one ever feels like they are leaving early or arriving late. Whether you select the first or second session, your daughter will receive a complete, traditional sleep-away camp experience.

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3 Cs – Confidence, Competence, Community

Our 3 Cs philosophy is a part of everything we do. Our goal for every girl is to gain confidence in herself and competence in a variety of skills, while being a part of a physically and emotionally safe community. All of this is accomplished in an energetic, positive atmosphere charged with Wico Spirit!

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Elective Schedule

The elective schedule encourages decision-making and independence, and most importantly, creates a culture where all of our girls participate. Girls choose the activities they like, so they can't wait to get started! Wico is filled with happy, active girls!

The Wico Social & Emotional Toolkit

We have developed a series of tools – "I-Messages," Bunk Contracts, Assigned Dining Hall Seating, Weekly Questionnaires – that give our girls outlets for communication, conflict resolution and connectedness. Each camper feels her voice is heard and that she is an integral part of a strong community.

Pressure-Free All Girls Environment

At Wico, the uniform/dress code eliminates peer pressure to wear certain clothes or dress a certain way. We go one step further with a bathing suit policy -- we require one-pieces or board shorts & rash guard--that helps campers avoid preoccupation with body image. Our sisterly atmosphere promotes camaraderie not competition.

Wico Staff

Our staff set us apart. They are highly skilled, well-trained and enthusiastic. Our staff have strong backgrounds in working with children and in their activity areas. Our staff orientation is designed to train counselors prior to the campers' arrival, and training continues throughout the summer.