Evening Programs & Special Events

Evening Programs

Each evening at camp, there is a scheduled “evening activity.” Whether with just one age group or with the entire camp, evening activities build memories, friendships, and our overall community.

Favorite evening activities include:

  • Gold Rush
  • Monster Mash (Halloween at camp)
  • Candy Horse Races
  • Destination Unknown
  • Block Parties
  • KKB (kinetic knowledge bowl)
  • The Masked Singer
  • Talent Shows
  • Campfires

Special Events

There are three all-camp special event days in each session. Girls rotate through activities with their cabin. Special events allow for a unique change of pace from the daily activities. From Carnival Day to “Survivor” Day, special events are an opportunity to act silly, have a blast and hang out with your friends and the whole Wico community!

Wico Challenge Cup (First Session) and Color War (Second Session)

You’ll never know when WCC or Color War is going to “break,” or start. Each event is three days of spirited competition including sports, arts and crafts, and other activities. There is a “sing” at the end with a team mascot competition and counselor farewell. There is no way to describe the spirit and intensity of Color War and WCC until you actually experience it, so get ready to paint yourself either red, yellow, green or blue.