Wico Gear

The Wico Uniform

At Wico, we emphasize character over appearance and by extension discourage competition over clothing and extras. For that reason, we have established the following age-specific clothing policies:

Lower Camp Girls (current 1st-5th graders) wear a uniform which consists of a Wicosuta logo’d shirt of their choice and their own athletic shorts. The color and style of Wico t-shirts may vary. Our goal is not that everyone looks the same, rather to de-emphasize competition and social pressure.

Upper Camp Girls (current 6th-9th graders) follow Wico’s dress code. We appreciate and respect older girls’ desire for independence and afford appropriate flexibility for that reason. Upper Camp Girls may wear non-designer, appropriate athletic attire in place of the uniform. Many of our older campers opt to wear Wico logo’d clothing, but appreciate being able to make their own decision each day.

Campers and staff wear one-piece bathing suits of their choice.

The Camp Spot

Wico has partnered with The Camp Spot to supply all camper clothing. Families may order over the telephone or online. We encourage you to order early, so that exchanges may be made in time for camp. The Camp Spot offers in person appointment for families may see or try-on their clothing before ordering. For information on The Camp Spot’s Road Show schedule please go to their website.