Eagle: 5th Grade

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Daily Schedule

Eagle campers follow an elective schedule.  Each girl’s program is designed to cater to her interests while also encouraging her to try new activities and expand her horizons!  Campers send us activity requests in advance of camp.  We create schedules with these requests in mind.

Evening Activities

As the oldest in Lower Camp, Eagles enjoy participating in our traditional evening activities – things like Gold Rush and Monster Mash. These activities are balanced by new, more sophisticated events and opportunities for leadership.

Off-Camp Program

Our Eagles-only Trip Days are highlights for the girls in this age group! Destinations include Whale’s Tale Waterpark and a day of ice skating and movies. As part of the Wico Extreme Program, Eagles may sign up for optional overnight and off-camp hiking trips.

Community Leadership

Eagles plan and lead our Annual Explorer Campfire.


Eagles participate in a special Moving Up Ceremony to help them get excited to transition from Lower Camp this summer, to Upper Camp next summer!