Totem: 9th Grade

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Daily Schedule

Totems follow Wico’s elective schedule. Each girl’s program is unique and based on requests she submits in advance of camp. Each day ends with a Totem Prep period: a time for the whole group to work together on planning for future special events and leadership opportunities.

Leadership Opportunities

Totems run weekly campfires, lead Wico Challenge Cup (First Session) or Color War (Second Session) and several other special events, like Gold Rush, Monster Mash and talent shows! Totems are the spirit behind these events, organizing them and coming up with themes. Most importantly, they provide the energy and leadership that has been a part of Wico since 1920!

Off-Camp Programming

Trip to Burlington, VT: Totems love this two-day, one-night trip. While there, they sail on Lake Champlain, visit the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory, and explore downtown Burlington and Church Street! Totems may sign up for Upper Camp adventure trips, hikes and overnights.

Highlights-Culminating Camper Experience
  • Totems are the oldest girls in camp; they are looked to as leaders and role models by our younger campers.
  • Totems look forward to leading their teams in Wico Challenge Cup and Color War.
  • Totem Legacy Celebration (TLC): The TLC Project is designed to help the group leave a positive mark on camp. Each Totem group creates a tangible project (something they leave at camp) that promotes Wico’s three Cs (Confidence, Competence and Community). TLC Projects are enjoyed by current and future generations of Wico girls!