A Day in the Life

Each day at Camp Wicosuta is new and different. Our goal is for every camper to fully experience our wide range of activities, while also enjoying several special events and trips! Our schedule is based on an 8-day cycle. Regular program days are designated as A, B or C days. After three days of a regular schedule, campers will participate in either a special event day or go on an off-camp trip, followed by another cycle of regular schedule days, and then another special event or trip day.


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A, B or C Day Schedule

8:00 am: WAKE UP

Music fills the air as Wico wakes up for the day!

8:20 am: BREAKFAST

Come in your PJs if you want! Breakfast is served buffet style. We serve a hot meal, as well as daily options, including fresh fruit, yogurt, hot & cold cereal, bagels, toast, etc.


As a camp we gather around the flag pole to hear about birthdays and important announcements for the day.

9:00 am: BUNK CLEAN UP

Campers and counselors help clean the cabin for the day.


With lots of singing and cheers, campers hear about evening activities and upcoming events for the day.

10:00-10:50 am: 1st ACTIVITY PERIOD


11:00-11:50 am: 2nd ACTIVITY PERIOD


12:00 pm: LUNCH

Lunch is served buffet style. We serve a main meal, as well as daily options including fresh fruit, salad bar, and deli/sandwich bar. Expect lots of singing, dancing and cheering with your food!

12:45  pm: REST HOUR

A time to be with your cabin mates, enjoying quiet activities in the bunk like letter writing, cards, jacks, reading and listening to music, to name a few!

2:00-2:50 pm: 3rd ACTIVITY PERIOD


3:00-3:50 pm: 4th ACTIVITY PERIOD


4:00-4:50 pm: 5th ACTIVITY PERIOD


5:15 pm: SELECTIVE

An all-camp choice time: pick an activity that’s not normally on your schedule.

6:15 pm: DINNER

Dinner is served family style. We serve a main meal, as well as daily options including fresh fruit, salad bar, deli/sandwich bar, and pasta bar.


Filled with spirit and enthusiasm, it’s a time to recognize campers for outstanding achievements, acts of kindness and birthdays. We also find out who lost a tooth!


These large-group activities involve your whole age group and may involve the whole camp. “EAs” are often surprises and may include things like campfires, talent shows, etc.

8:30 pm: BED TIME

Relax with friends while you get ready for bed. Campers share two “happies” (the best moments of the day) with the rest of their bunk!

9:00 pm-ON: LIGHTS OUT

All campers have 15 minutes of flashlight time before the lights go out for the night. Flashlight time and lights out are determined by age.