Zuni: 8th Grade

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Daily Schedule

Zunis follow an elective schedule. Each girl’s program is unique and based on requests she submits in advance of camp. We encourage girls to tap into their interests while also expanding their horizons! Selective, the last period of the day, is a free period for girls in Upper Camp. They may sign up for an activity or relax in their cabins (spend time with friends, shower, read a book, etc.).

Evening Activities

A favorite evening activity of this age group is Sign-Out Night – girls may choose from destinations like movies, bowling, mini-golf or attending a New Hampshire Fisher Cats baseball game. Totem/Zuni Bonding Nights allow our two oldest age groups to hang out and share experiences, like what to expect in high school, and get to know each other better.

Off-Camp Program

Zuni campers love their trip to Hanover, NH! They may choose to tour Dartmouth College, see a movie and/or explore this vibrant college town! As part of the Wico Extreme Program, girls may sign up for Upper Camp overnights and hikes, as well as Wico’s annual adventure trip available for our oldest three age groups. Previous trips have included white rock climbing in the White Mountains and water rafting on the Androscoggin River.

Community Leadership

Project Morry Swim-A-Thon: Zunis learn about Project Morry and share their knowledge with the rest of Wico! Zunis will create an education campaign, act as cheerleaders and announcers for this annual fundraising event! Zunis also decide on the theme of the annual Banquet, and then choose the menu and decorations for this traditional, culminating event! These experiences give Zunis a taste of what they can expect as Totems in their last summer as campers.