Returning To Camp After Bumps In The Road – Embracing Growth

Camp is more than just a fun summer experience – it is a transformative experience that shapes our campers, builds lasting friendship, and fosters personal growth. While most campers have an unforgettable experience starting at day one that lasts through the last days of summer, some campers may face bumps in the road during the summer. There are many benefits to returning for another summer at camp even after experiencing a  challenge. Today we explore why campers and parents should consider returning to camp, even if their prior experience was difficult.


  1. Resilience Building: Facing challenges is an inherent part of life and camp provides a unique setting for developing resilience. If a camper experience challenges at camp, they can serve as a valuable learning experience, teaching campers how to navigate adversity and come out stronger on the other side.
  2. Building Character: Camp is crucial for character development. Overcoming difficulties at camp allows campers to discover their inner strengths, develop problem-solving skills, and cultivate qualities such as perseverance and determination. Returning to camp provides an opportunity to further refine and showcase these newfound character traits.
  3. Friendship and Community: Camp is a place where lifelong friendships are formed. Returning campers have the chance to reconnect with familiar faces and strengthen the bonds they’ve already established. This sense of community and belonging can be a powerful support system during a challenging time.
  4. Learning to Adapt: Camp environments often present varying situations that require adaptability. Whether it’s navigating group dynamics, trying new activities, or living in close quarters, campers learn to adapt to diverse circumstances. Returning to camp after a difficult experience, allows them to apply the lessons learned and demonstrate newfound adaptability.
  5. Setting and Achieving Goals: Camp is an ideal setting for goal-setting and achievement. Campers can use their previous experiences to set realistic goals for personal growth, skill development, or relationship-building. Returning allows them to witness the tangible results of their efforts and celebrate their achievements.
  6. Staff Support and Mentorship: Camp staff are trained to provide emotional support and mentorship to campers. Returning campers can take advantage of this valuable resource to discuss their previous challenges, seek guidance, and develop strategies for a more positive experience. The staff’s familiarity with the camper’s history can lead to more personalized and effective support.


Returning to camp after bumps in the road, is a courageous and commendable choice. The lessons learned, friendships formed, and personal growth achieved can serve as a solid foundation for an even more enriching and fulfilling camp experience. Wicosuta’s goal of increasing each camper and staff’s confidence and competence in a supportive and enriching community is what shapes the lives of those who embrace all we have to offer!


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