COVID-Summer 2021 Plans

What will Summer 2021 look like?

With time to plan for the 2021 summer in today’s world, we wanted to keep you updated of the steps already being taken to ensure the Camp Wicosuta experience will be a safe and fun one for our campers and staff. We are excited to be planning for our 100th summer!

These steps are being shared, several months away from the summer and will be evolving as the world we live in evolves and new information is presented. Formal procedures and more specific policies will be shared as we get closer to summer 2021.

As we always do, we will continue to take relevant guidance from the American Camping Association, our local health department and governing bodies.  Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions related to any of these points.

Camper & Staff Health Screening

The health of our camp community has always been and continues to be a priority. We will continue with our Health Check Protocol before camp, on opening day and throughout the summer.

As always, we will continue with our pre-screening of campers and staff prior to arrival. Upon arrival, our Health Center staff run a complete health check of each camper and staff member. Once at camp we will perform daily screenings to ensure the ongoing health of our camper population. As always, we have a plan in place for any community member who becomes contagious and requires isolation.

If testing continues to be a valuable screening tool we will have policies in place to utilize this. We are working on partnerships and relationships with hospitals and health care providers to have access to the most up to date testing.

Program & Special Events

Wico runs an elective program and we will evaluate where we are at in the Spring to determine if changes are needed. If we need to make changes, our program will still focus on choice and skill building.

We are excited to run all of our campers favorite special events and evening program. We might have to make small changes (like hosting events outside), to keep everyone safe, this will not take away from the traditions of the activity.

We have been working on alternative trips (think outdoor adventure and national parks) over more public destinations like theme parks.

Sanitizing and Cleaning

We are confident in our already established everyday health and hygiene practices carried out by a dedicated team who focuses on this daily. We are re-evaluating all areas of camp and looking at ways to improve and enhance the cleaning and sanitation.

Our health center staff always remind campers to wash hands, stay hydrated and look after themselves in general. These reminders will now also include self-screening for COVID symptoms. Hand washing protocols will be introduced between activities, hand sanitizer will continue to be readily available and the sanitation of high touch areas will be a focus.

Outdoor Activities

We are fortunate that almost all activities at camp take place outdoors. For those activities that often take place indoors, we are discussing plans for ensuring the safety of indoor activities. A focus on ventilation and air flow are some of examples. We are also considering a plan for outdoor alternatives to some indoor activities.

Meals and the Dining Hall

Our commitment to quality, nutritious food where our campers and staff have a variety of choice will continue to be a top priority in our dining hall.

We will have a more formalized plan for serving and seating as we get closer to summer. We are fortunate to have a large dining hall with extensive seating and a large space outside for outdoor dining. At Wico we love that we eat as a whole camp community and can continue that tradition with outdoor tented dining if we have to.

Community Safety

Our goal of instilling confidence, competence and community will remain at the forefront of our summer. As is with every summer, our community will continue to look out for each other.

We anticipate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when indoors or when not able to social distance.

Travel to Camp

We will continue to keep up to date with our transportation providers to learn more about their plans as well as local and state guidelines for transportation to and from camp.