COVID-Summer 2021 Plans

What will Summer 2021 look like?

Updated as of 01/22/2021

In the Wico office, are excitedly planning for the reboot of our 100th summer.  We feel confident that we will be able to provide the safe and fun experience you have come to expect from Wicosuta. Our goal of instilling confidence, competence and community will remain at the forefront this summer.

The information below will inform you of some of the steps already being taken to ensure the Camp Wicosuta experience will be safe and fun for our camp community. Our commitment is to prepare as much as we are able to now, and to adjust our plans as more information comes to light.  Waiting for additional information will allow us to provide the best possible experience for our campers. We appreciate your patience and partnership.

We know that camp will feel, in large part, normal this summer, and that we will need to pivot our operations in certain areas.  Wico will operate as a modified bubble—think of camp as a castle with a moat and draw bridge.

As always, we will continue to take guidance from the American Camping Association, the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services and other relevant governing bodies.  Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions related to the information below.

Camper & Staff Health Screening

The health of our camp community continues to be a priority. We have been in regular contact with our local health care providers and will continue to partner with them to make sure that our protocols are consistent with their recommendations.

Health & Safety

We plan to pre-screen our campers and staff prior to their arrival. Upon arrival, our Health Center staff will complete a health check of each camper and staff member. Throughout the session, we will perform daily screenings to ensure the ongoing health of our camp population.

Required PCR testing of all campers and staff before arrival. Testing is likely on arrival day and during the session.  The timing and type of subsequent in-session tests will be determined based on recommendations of our medical team.

We have a quarantine protocol in place for any community member who becomes symptomatic and requires isolation.

We will continue to encourage lots of hand-washing & expanded disinfecting/cleaning of all areas of camp.

Elective Program, Special Events & Trips

We continue to develop our 2021 program and we will evaluate, in the spring, if shifts are needed. Any changes to our program will not impact our focus on choice and skill building. Developing competence in kids will remain at the forefront of our program development for this summer.

Camp Program

We will likely have daily activities in cabin groups or pods at the beginning of the session. As discussed in our health & safety plan, we plan to employ testing to gradually expand these pod groupings.

Campers look forward to our annual special events and we look forward to running everyone’s favorites this summer! Again, any tweaks to the programming of these events (i.e. podding of groups) will not take away from the high energy and carefree fun that campers have come to expect from these special days at Wico.

Reimagined camp trips: We are currently investigating COVID-safe off-camp locations for both outdoor adventure-type trips and programming. Visits to amusement and water parks will have to wait until 2022.

Masks, Pods & Outdoor Activities

We anticipate using pods for some portion of each session, with the goal of expanding and merging pods as camp progresses. We are fortunate that almost all activities at camp take place outdoors.

Masks, Pods & Outdoor Activities

We anticipate using pods for some portion of each session. Pods will be viewed like your household– when with your pod you do not have to practice social-distancing or masking wearing.  When outside your pod/household or when these groups are combined, campers should expect to wear masks and socially distance. Our goal would be to expand/merge pods as camp progresses.

We plan to create tented areas around camp that may be used to increase outdoor capacity for activities that often take place indoors. Additionally, we will maximize the ventilation of any and all interior spaces with fans and open windows and will decrease the number of people in these spaces.

Sanitizing and Cleaning

Wico has a dedicated team who cleans and sanitizes our cabins and common areas each day.

Campers are reminded by our health center team and bunk counselors about hand washing, hydration and looking after their personal hyegien.

Sanitizing & Cleaning

For 2021, disinfecting of high touch areas will be added to our cleaning teams list of responsibilities. Additionally, each activity and program area will be sanitized before and after each period.

Our health center and our bunk counselors will continue to remind campers to wash hands, stay hydrated and look after their personal hygiene. These reminders will now also include self-screening for COVID symptoms. Hand sanitizer will be readily available and hand washing protocols will be established between activities and before mealtimes.

Meals and the Dining Hall

We are committing to providing quality, nutritious food to our camp community. A goal for this summer is to continue to serve safely while also maximizing food variety. Both remain top priorities for us.

Meals & the Dining Hall

We are fortunate to have a spacious, well-ventilated dining hall with extensive indoor seating, as well as a large area outside that we typically utilize for cookouts. We will expand our dining area with a large tent adjacent to the dining hall.

We plan to use both areas for dining and will have a more formalized plan for serving and seating as we get closer to summer.

Transportation to Camp

We offer various ways for campers to get to and from camp. We are committed to getting campers to and from camp as safely as possible.

  • Car: Assigned and staggered car arrival times.
  • Bus: Whether we can provide this service is in question at this time. We hope to be able to assist parents with the transportation of campers to camp, and imagine that any bus transportation we can provide will look different than it has in the past.
  • Plane: If your camper(s) typically fly to camp, keep an eye out for an additional location-specific email we will send next week and hold off on booking travel until then.