Our 2022 Team

December is ALWAYS a busy month, and this December is no different! The holidays have begun, we are spending more time with family and friends, and we are looking forward to 2022! The New Year will officially take us one step closer to next summer! December is also busy for our Wico full time team because we are busy rehiring returning staff and hiring new additions to the 2022 team!

When looking for individuals to join our Wico staff family, we start by reflecting on our 3Cs Philosophy. Our goal is for every camper and staff to walk away from a summer at Wico feeling confident in themselves and competent in a variety of skills, all while being part of a physically and emotionally safe community! This is accomplished each summer, with the help of an amazing team, who give it their all to make each summer more memorable and special than the last.

“I love working at Wico because I’ve grown in my own confidence right along with the campers. Our community is so supportive and being part of it has been really transformative for me!” – Julia W., 6th summer, Head Counselor

These are a few of the special qualities that we look for during our interview process. Hiring staff members who possess these qualities helps us to hire the best staff around!



Our staff members become role models on day one to every one of our campers. In order to help our campers feel confident and competent, our staff need to tune into each camper as an individual and give them the message that they matter, they are important, and they are loved. We look for staff who approach each camper with warmth and empathy.

“When I first arrived to work at Wico, I didn’t know a single person. Within a matter of days, I had made lifelong connections. What made this community so special to me was the willingness to take others in with open arms and the ability to allow others to feel at home. Being a counselor has truly been the most rewarding job I’ve ever had!”  – Emily W., 2nd summer, Landsports



A creative camp counselor can make anything more fun, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary! We look for staff members who will be their authentic selves; they are not afraid to show their inner quirkiness, and find the fun and humor in each activity!

“You can become the best version of yourself with no judgement. You can try something new and even turn a weakness into a strength. To get the best out of your summer you just need to live in the moment, take it all in and you’ll make priceless memories.” -Aly H., 4th summer, Head Counselor



Our counselors become more than just coworkers, they become the backbone of our community. Each staff member puts effort into relationships, actively participates in the Wico culture, and watches out for, cares for and goes above and beyond for each other!



Communication skills include not only being a great speaker, but also being a great listener. Our staff understand how to listen to the campers and other staff in a respectful way. Everyone in our community knows that they can turn to any one of the Wico staff members, when they want or need to tell a funny story, need help with a conflict, or just want someone to talk to. Our staff is able to build strong relationships, with emotional connections, because they show the campers that they are trustworthy through effective communication!

If you or anyone you know fits the qualities above and would be interested in having the summer of a lifetime, they can learn more about it here!  

We cannot wait for you to meet the amazing Summer 2022 team!

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