S’More Thanks!

It is hard to believe it is already that time of year again, in some ways it feels like we just returned home from summer 2021. As we enter the beginning of the holiday season, we cannot help but look back on how much has changed this past year and celebrate how much we have all overcome.

Speaking of being thankful, it is not just turkey in the oven that we are thinking of this time of year. More importantly we are thinking of our families at our dining tables and in our hearts and our camp families celebrating around the world. We are also anticipating the plentiful and delicious desserts we are about to consume, which bring our thoughts straight to cooking at camp!

Our completed culinary arts building will be ready for you to cook, eat and enjoy more of our favorite recipes this summer. Our new and improved cooking facility has 6 workstations, a new demonstration station and 2 new bathrooms! The coolest thing about the workstations…. they can move!! Get ready for new activities on rainy days! The next step of the renovation will include a garden and picnic area surrounding the studio! We will be able to grow some of the ingredients in our delicious recipes, lots of fresh veggies and herbs coming to Wico soon!


This Thanksgiving while you are having your turkey dinner (hopefully it is as fun as turkey dinner in the dining hall), you can start dreaming about “silly brownies”, edible cookie dough, smoothies, homemade camp guacamole and all your other favorite camp specialties that we can’t get enough of! Get ready to be camp chefs, prepping our meals with Wico love and care. We can’t wait to see you in the kitchen!

What do you want to cook this summer? Send in your favorite recipes and pictures or post to Instagram and tag #Wicosuta_03241 and #WicoCooks!

Wishing all the Wico families a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

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