A Time For Thanks

Thanksgiving is a time for reflection and appreciation. To celebrate this year, our full time team and some of our 2022 staff, share what they are most thankful for. As you can use, our community (and our food) give us all a lot to be thankful for!

Corey: I am thankful for the commitment of our entire summer staff team—they make each day special at Wico and are the true heroes of camp!  I am also thankful for the spirit of our Wico Girls—their love for each other and for camp is inspiring!

Justin: I am thankful for getting to spend the summer outdoors, in New Hampshire, having fun and eating ice cream!

Carly: I am thankful for… Camp Friendships! Sing it with me- “friends, friends, friends, we will always be…” If you come to Wico for one summer or fifty summers, as a camper or as a staff member, the people you meet at camp will turn into lifelong friends. How special that no matter the time or distance, you will carry these friendships long after you leave Wico. And also, OREO PUDDING!

Jess: The Wico community! The friends I have made over the years, the people I get to work with every day during the year, and the wide reach of the #wicolove. I am inspired and grateful that I get to witness campers enter our community, make it their own, and take a piece of it when they leave, ending every summer as stronger, more confident versions of themselves.

Liz: I am thankful for being welcomed into the amazing Wicosuta community. Wicosuta welcomed me with open arms and quickly became a summer home for me and my two daughters. Our community, my favorite of the 3Cs, is what sets Wico apart. I am lucky to work with so many amazing people year-round and throughout the summer.

Mallory: I am thankful for the friendships made with my campers. The campers taught me how to be myself!

Lily: I am thankful for fruit pizza!

Aly: I am thankful for the lifetime worth of memories that Wico gave me.

Katy: I am thankful for my campers who never fail to make me laugh and filled every day at camp with excitement. I am thankful for my co-counselors for always supporting me and for my entire Wico family for all the love they have given me. I am especially thankful for the opportunity to look forward to spending Summer 2023 back at Wico!

As we reflect on the year behind us, we also want to thank our Wicosuta community for participating in our fundraising campaign for Project Morry this summer. Project Morry is a nonprofit youth development organization which offers its participants a combination of exceptional summer camp experiences, year-round academic enrichment and support, and one-on-one mentoring. Each summer, Wicosuta hosts a one-day fundraising event to support this program and create an opportunity for summer camp to be accessible to all kids. We want to give a special thanks to our 2022 Zuni’s for hosting our on-site Project Morry events, including decorating the dining hall, announcing progress throughout the day, and cheering on all of our campers participating in swimming, running, walking and hitting tennis rallies! Thank you to our camp families for donating to Wico’s Project Morry Day, together we raised almost $20,000, our biggest donation to date!

We hope everyone in our Wico community has a happy, healthy and meaningful Thanksgiving!

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