Happy Halloween a.ka. Wico Monster Mash

October 31st is known and loved for the trick-or-treating, dressing up in costume, and playing games! Our Wico campers and staff get to celebrate “Halloween” more than once a year and have opportunities to get to dressed up all summer long!

Monster Mash is our Halloween-like event during the summer!  Campers and staff either bring costumes from home or use materials from the Art Barn to come up with creative ideas. The Totem campers lead our lower camp campers in fun Halloween theme games to make the night special (and sometimes spooky)! The evening also includes time for “trick or treating” around the Totem camper’s bunks!

In addition to Monster Mash, our program includes many other opportunities to dress up and be silly!

Evening activities are scheduled every night after dinner. On some evenings, campers attend activities with just their age group and other activities include the entire camp! Some of our favorite dress up evening activities include:

Candy Horse Races: Our youngest three age groups (Oski/Casco/Coo) participate in dressing up their counselors as “horses”. Some of our past horses have included disco horse, pinky the horse, photographer horse, and many more. They then place bets on which horse will win different races, with candy for the prize. It is a fun night of costumes, candy and lots of spirit!

Masked Singer: Based on the TV show of the same name, in the evening activity, the masked singer, counselors are disguised as characters.  Each character performs a song and dance routine.  Campers rate the performances and, ultimately, choose a winner.  The identities of each counselor are revealed as they are eliminated after each round of voting.

Panic: Panic is another night of spirit and creativity. Age groups are split into teams and participate in multiple rounds of a mix between Pictionary and dress up. They are given a theme, run back to their cabins and have 60 seconds to get dressed in the theme.  They come up with a short skit relating to their theme and perform that in front of counselor judges!  Each cabin is scored, the scores are totaled to reveal a winner at the activity.  It is a night of creativity and a lot of laughs!

Themed Meals: Lots of our meals at camp have specific themes that help add to the Wico spirit! Some highlights include twin dinner (dressing up the exact same as a friend or even your entire bunk), crazy hair night, crazy sock meal, and wacky hat dinner! Our campers and staff come to the dining hall dressed accordingly and look forward to seeing their friend’s and counselor’s choices, as well!

We wish our Wico family a safe and fun Halloween. Send your Halloween 2022 pictures to jess@campwicosuta.com to be featured on our social media. We look forward to dressing up with you during Summer 2023.


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