From Camp To The Classroom

Coming to Wico, for the 1st summer (or the 7th summer) is not just about playing tennis, swimming in the lake or filling your arm with friendship bracelets. Spending a summer at Wico, allows our campers to learn lifelong lessons that they build upon throughout all four seasons, becoming better students, friends, sisters and daughters.

RELATIONSHIPS: Camp is a place where all campers and staff build deep roots, form long lasting relationships, and make endless memories. Campers form bonds not only with their peers and friends, but also with caring adults who are outside of their families. Interacting with peers in the camp setting helps children learn social skills in a relaxed environment.  Adult mentors model leadership opportunities and expose campers to new perspectives and coping strategies. These interactions help set our campers up for success throughout the school year.

She explored some new social activities outside of her comfort zone and learned to deal with all types of personalities within her bunk.
– Parent of 1st year camper, Age 9

INDEPENDENCE: Wico is a place where kids learn who they are and grow more independent. Camp is the perfect place for kids to practice making decisions for themselves without parents and teachers guiding their choices. Campers are responsible for making their beds, keeping their areas clean and following their routines and schedules. Feeling responsible helps our campers rise to the occasion and meet their goals to be successful.

I learned to be more independent without my parents.
– 2nd summer at Wico, Age 12

Every time she comes back from camp she is more mature and patient. She’s been able to appreciate things she didn’t necessarily appreciate before.
– Parent of 2nd year camper, Age 10

BEING BRAVE: Camp is a setting in which campers and staff are constantly trying new experiences. In doing so, we learn nothing is too big or too small to overcome. Whether a camper is feeling homesick or upset they did not win the soccer match, they learn how to handle these difficult situations with their friends and counselors to support them. At Wico, we learn to enjoy and celebrate successes and overcome and work through obstacles and failures. Camp allows us to feel proud when things go well and promotes resilience when they don’t!

Our daughter made some great new friends and learned to work through some difficult feelings of homesickness in a supportive environment.
– Parent of 1st year camper, Age 11

She learned the confidence to work through a difficult situation and succeed! We also feel that she came home with a new level of maturity.
– Parent of 1st year camper, Age 11

ACTIVITY-BASED SKILLS:  Not all learning is done sitting behind a desk in a classroom. Our elective based schedule allows campers to constantly learn new skills, develop new hobbies and interests, and exposes everyone to ideas that they might not hear in a classroom. Campers often come away from the summer asking their parents to sign them up for new after school activities that they first tried at camp!

I tried needlework this summer and I really liked it.
– 3rd year at Wico, Age 13

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