The Wicosuta Moments

Wicosuta camper and guest blogger, Zoe G., was given a writing assignment in her 9th grade English class to share a belief that was important to her. Zoe chose to focus her writing on the belief that you should “cherish the good moments in life.” Zoe’s instructions were to write a story and connect her belief to something that was important to her. Zoe chose to write about Wicosuta because it’s her “home and family”. Thanks, Zoe for being our May guest blogger – we’re excited to welcome you back to your summer home for summer 2022!

The Wicosuta Moments

This I believe to cherish the good moments in life.

Life is too short to not take in every moment that passes by. Some things just come and go at the blink of an eye. I take in these moments before it is time to say my goodbyes. When I think of cherishing the good moments in life, I think of the moments that matter the most to me. These moments fly by whether I like it or not.

Ever since the age of eight, I would leave my family for Wicosuta, the camp that is my second home.  New Hampshire’s Hebron Lake is where I would spend the time of my life for once a month every summer. From the moments when I would wake up in the wooden bunks to see my best friends beside me to canoeing on the lake or sitting in the dining hall singing my heart out, camp life inspires the greatest feelings.

The moments at camp are not just something that need to be remembered but something that need to be cherished. During the 24 days, 576 hours, spent with my best friends every second that passes by is a new memory to recall later.

Life is short, but camp life is even shorter. When at camp it is like a different world with more chances to make greater memories. Nothing can last forever things have to come to an end eventually, and now is my time to close this chapter in my life. Camp will always have a special place in my heart for it has brought me the many tears, smiles, and laughter that will last in my memories forever. This belief hit me when I was leaving camp last summer and realizing that next year would be the final time for me to say my goodbyes to this special place in my heart.

Each and every moment is a special one to be cherished, for I could never relive that moment a second time. The true moments are not captured by a camera but are captured in my mind and are remembered forever. I might never know the importance of a moment until it becomes one of my greatest memories.

Thank you again Zoe. We loved reading about your experiences at Wicosuta and looking forward to another amazing summer! **If anyone would like to be a guest blogger please email for more info!**

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