All My Bags Are Packed, I’m Ready To Go

Whether this is your/your daughter(s) first or fifteen summer at Wico, when the time comes to pack, it can be overwhelming! Here are some helpful hints to make the process a little less stressful!

Stick to the Packing List
You should all have access to our official Wico packing lists, for campers and staff (if you do not reach out ASAP). We have put a lot of energy and thought into each item on this list. We feel this list really hits the mark, with not too little, not too much, but just enough! These lists are broken into categories (clothing, bed/bath, optional, etc.) to make your process easier to manage!

Most of the packing list outlines the clothes you/your daughter(s) will need while at camp. You really do not need more than this. We have not only considered the various activities throughout the day, but also how the temperature can change (and sometimes rain) from morning to night and June to August!

Bed & Bath
We recommend everyone bring 2 blankets, 2 twin size sheet sets, and pillow(s) for their beds. The reason we request two sets is that we send our laundry out of camp to a local laundromat once a week. Everything is returned the following day, allowing us to rotate our bedding while the other set is being cleaned. In addition, we recommend 4-6 towels. Remember towels will be used not only for showers but also the pool and lake! With all this laundry talk, make sure you remember an individual laundry bag to ensure everything is returned to the right person! (*If you are traveling internationally to Wicosuta, we will provide bedding and towels!)

We recommend bringing enough shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste and a toothbrush for your time at Wico. If you do forget or run out of any of these items, not to worry, we have extras! We also recommend a personal shower organizer to store everything in, allowing the bunk bathrooms to stay tidy!

Label Everything!
Lots of people, lots of stuff. It’s imperative to label all your/your child(s) belongings. This will not only allow everyone to keep track of their own things, but if items do make their way to lost and found, they can be claimed. There are many options for labels including stampers, stickers, iron on labels, and old fashion markers. Make sure to label with either first and last name or first initial and last name (often we have multiple people with the same first or last name).

Electronics/Bunk Items
There are a few electronics (that don’t connect) that can be very useful at camp. Some campers and staff like to bring a small battery-operated fan for those hot nights! A flashlight with extra batteries is also recommended (every night there is flash light time in the bunk before bed).  In addition, there are some great mp3 players that our campers and staff can have in the bunks to listen to music, remember – no iPod touch or old phones!

The Extra Fun Stuff
We want everyone to feel at home while they are at Wico! Make sure to pack pictures of family and friends, stationary to write home, disposable cameras, and books/beads/string for bunk time!

In addition, unique to Wico are our special events and themed meals! You will not want to forget a pair of crazy socks, a silly hat/wig, and a red, white and blue outfit for 4th of July!

As everyone gets ready for summer 2022, remember the packing list is your most helpful tool! Following the packing list will ensure you have everything you need for an amazing Wico summer! If you have any questions regarding the packing list, call the Wico office at (914) 646-0927 or email

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