Why Wico?

During the off season, our full-time team talks to prospective campers and staff about joining the Wico family. When describing Wico, we talk about the positives of a session camp, our 3Cs (confidence, competence, and community), our progressive, choice-based program, our special events and many factors that make Camp Wicosuta so special. We know that campers and staff have so many options when choosing how to spend their summer and where to call their “summer home”.  We heard from a few of our returning campers, staff and parents about why they choose Wico.

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Camp Wicosuta is one of the best places you can send your daughters to. Not only do they teach girls to be independent, kind, and socially conscious, they do it all while letting the girls have fun. They help girls expand their horizons and find what they truly enjoy about life.
– CB, Age 13, Year 2

I love Wico for all the amazing experiences and the counselors are so awesome and you never have to hide being homesick because everyone is there for you.  On the lake, there’s so many cool obstacle courses, and waterskiing, it’s so fun.  Lastly, my favorite is extreme because there is a rock wall and a fun zip line.
-ER, Age 8, Year 2

I go to Wico because I have a ton of great friends there. They’re some of the best I’ve ever made.
– LB, Age 14, Year 3

Wico because of the love and forever family. Wico because memories will last forever. Wico because the lessons I’ve learned here have had a huge impact on who I am today. Wico because it’s my home away from home.
– RB, Age 15, Year 7

I am coming back to camp this year because I love the atmosphere! Whether I’m helping campers learn a new skill in the gym, or watching them strengthen their bonds with each other and their counsellors, the community spirit at Wico is like nowhere else I’ve ever known. I can’t wait to see everyone again, and to meet all the new faces too!
-MS, Gymnastics Staff, Year 2

I’m returning to camp to continue my personal and professional growth. Camp is an amazing place for young people, like myself, to reconnect with the fun of childhood whilst growing immensely as a leader, worker, and friend. Plus, it’s just a great and rewarding place to work! Can’t wait to be back under New Hampshire skies!
-AB, Theater Staff, Year 2

Wico has been an incredible experience for both my girls.  They have formed great friendships, built independence and confidence— and most importantly, have such a fun, joyful, and active summer!  Thank you Wico!
-LM, Mom to campers age 8 & 12

Every detail is considered, communication is transparent, honest, and clear, activities are amazing, counselors are the absolute best, special days and trips are really special, and kindness and joy is at the center of everything.
-TB, Mom to camper aged 15

The overall personal growth she has experienced is truly life changing for her. And the lifelong friendships she has made that will support her. This could not be found anywhere else, I am sure. I also love that so many counselors return year after year – maybe skip a year and then come back again. That shows the top to bottom quality program.
-JH, Mom to past camper aged 16

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We know that when choosing a camp for the summer, families and staff choose Wico not only as a destination but for the vibrant community dedicated to fostering confidence and competence. With our diverse activities, experienced staff, and commitment to safety and inclusivity, we strive to provide a transformative and enriching experience for every member of our community. We are eagerly awaiting the summer ahead and invite the next generation of campers and staff to become part of our Wico family and experience the Wico magic!

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