Goodbye Summer 2023 – The Magic Never Leaves You

Now that we have all been home from camp for just over a month (or more:  We miss you, Session 1!!), we have a mix of emotions! Even after reuniting with friends and family, eating too much sushi and finally making it through all our emails, we are missing the full cabins, the lit campfire and all our wonderful experiences from Summer 2023. As we get deeper into Fall, and start wearing sweaters and hearing about pumpkin spice, our memories and friendships will never be left behind. We spoke this summer about the Magic of Wico and how once you are apart of the community, the Magic Never Leaves You! Here are some examples of how we felt the Wico Magic this summer!

Summer of Adventures: Wico 2023 was filled with adventures, laughter, and personal growth. From the moment our campers arrived, they were welcomed into our spirited and close-knit community. Whether through conquering fears on the rock wall, perfecting a bullseye in archery, or making a splash in the lake, each day brought new opportunities to gain confidence in ourselves and competence in a variety of activities.

Friendships That Transcend Time and Distance: One of the most magical aspects of Wico is the deep and lasting friendships that make up our community. Campers and staff from all over the world (we represented 13 countries and 32 states this summer) come together to live and share experiences that transcend differences in interests and personalities. These friendships are strengthened through late night chats in the cabins, cheering on each other in the talent shows, and connecting around the campfire.

Life Lessons Beyond the Classroom: While Wico is undoubtedly a place for fun and adventure, it is also an environment where we learn important life skills. From teamwork and communication to resilience and problem-solving, camp provides a unique setting for personal growth. These lessons are not confined to the classroom, but are woven into every aspect of camp life, from meals in the dining hall to competitions during Wico Challenge Cup and Color War.

Wico 2023 has come to an end, but the impact on our campers and staff will endure. The friendships formed, the memories created, and the lessons learned will remain with all of us throughout the year! As we all return to the “outside world”, we do so with a renewed sense of self, a deeper understanding of others, and a lasting connection to the magic of Wico.

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