Elevate Your Halloween Season With Ideas from Wico’s Art Barn

Wicosuta offers a variety of programs to provide each camper with the opportunity to try new activities and improve current skills. One of our many program areas, visual arts, exposes our campers to various mediums, allowing for personal expression and creativity! Within our “Art Barn” campers are led by staff in the areas of ceramics, digital photography, drawing/painting, jewelry, sewing, and mixed media. Hanging out in the art barn and creating is amongst our campers’ favorite activities.

What better time than “spooky season” to use some of the creativity learned in visual arts to decorate your home and think of your Wico memories?! See below for some Halloween ideas and information on Wico’s official 2023 Wico Pumpkin Contest!

  • 2023 Wico Pumpkin Contest: Pumpkin Carving is a classic Halloween tradition that allows for endless creativity! Whether you are a novice or a seasoned carver, when you pull out your pumpkins this year, make them WICO THEMED! We cannot wait to see your interesting and eye catching ideas. Post your Wico pumpkins on Instagram and tag @wicosuta_03241 and #WicoHalloween by October 31st to win Wico swag! Click here for the Wico W to incorporate in your Wico pumpkin design!
  • Mysterious Mason Jars: One of the projects that campers completed this summer was a “Wico Specimen Jar” a.k.a a dry snow globe! Campers used mason jars to collect items around camp in addition to pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and upcycled materials to make a character of their liking. Using these same materials and techniques, you can make a mysterious mason jar for Halloween with eerie painted faces, gauze for a mummy, or enchanted lights for a special glow!

  • Felt Magic Wand: Our sewing classes were getting ready for Halloween in July! Whether dressing up as a fairy or a witch, use your simple stitch sewing skills to make a prop for your costume! If you make any part of your costume, make sure to show it off on social media, #WicoHalloween!

  • Papier Mache Bowl: Another Wico project that is perfect for Halloween is the papier mache bowl. Instead of using a balloon to form the dish – use your pumpkin! Make your bowl by layering newspaper or construction paper around the pumpkin using Modge Podge glue or step up your game and make homemade papier mache paste!

Halloween is a time to embrace your inner artist and let your imagination roam! With these DIY projects inspired by the 2023 Art Barn, you can turn your home into a wonderful Wico Halloween! Gather your supplies and get ready to make this your most artistic Halloween yet!


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