Happy Valentine’s Day From Wico

Valentine’s Day is a time to think of all the people in your life whom you love and cherish. Some of the most special and rewarding relationships we have are with friends. Friends, especially camp friends, bring us happiness, give us support and share so many amazing experiences.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, we hear from Emily Brewin, 2nd year Camp Mom, who tells us so beautifully what her camp friends and our Camp Wicosuta community means to her.

The third and final of the 3 C’s, COMMUNITY, is my favorite.  What this one word represents, is more than I could ever explain. What makes Camp Wicosuta so special to me is the people that call it home, our staff and campers. The Wico friendships and bonds are truly a “Sisterhood”.

Working at Wico, I joined a team of tenacious, astonishing women. Spending 9 weeks together, experiencing so much exuberance and a variety of challenges together, enabled me to create bonds stronger than I’ve ever known. At Wico, I found friends that became more like sisters. I know nothing will be able to break the friendships I’ve built under the beautiful skies of New Hampshire. Every woman that has been at Wico, as a counselor or a camper, is connected in a rare, special way.  Everyone is a member of the Wico family- an extraordinary community.

In addition to my peer relationships, the bonds I created with my Oski and Cascos (1st-3rd graders) surpassed my expectations. Being a role model, and watching these young girls grow in such a short period of time, was truly an honor. The amount of responsibility that I learned and love that I experienced, cannot be found in any other job or position. Nowhere else will you spend a summer so fulfilling, empowering and deeply wonderful.

-Emily Brewin

Anyone who has spent a summer at a Wico will share their experience with our wonderful community. From the moment our campers enroll, and our staff accept a position, they are immediately welcomed into our Wico family. First-year campers are provided with a big sister and staff members participate in an ambassador program, both programs aimed at creating relationships with other members of the Wico family before you even step foot on camp. Throughout the summer we continue to focus on strengthening bonds, both during cabin time (clean up, rest period, selective, and more) and within our elective based programing. This Valentine’s Day we are grateful for our camp friendships and send love to everyone who has ever been a part of our Wico family!

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