Our Progressive Program

You have probably read about or heard us mention our “3Cs Philosophy”. With a focus on Confidence, Competence, and Community, our program is designed to help each camper learn and grow, based on their individual needs. We emphasize instruction and participation in all our program areas, regardless of individual skill and ability level. All our campers and staff walk away from a summer at Wico, with a new sense of courage, skills, and friendships.

Campers who have completed 1st through 3rd grade have a set schedule, allowing them to try the variety of programming that Wico offers. Campers finishing 4th grade have a mix of preassigned activities and elective activities. Campers who have finished 5th grade and up have an entirely elective based schedule. See more specifics of the progression between age groups below. You can practice making a Wicosuta schedule, based on age, using our interactive scheduling tool!

Oski and Casco – 1st through 3rd Graders
Our youngest campers travel around to their activities as an entire age group. This gives the campers the opportunity to build connections with campers outside of their individual cabin. Each of these cabins has a “camp mom”,  a.k.a. general counselor, who travels around with the group throughout the day, making sure they have all their equipment and are wearing sunscreen and bug spray! Our Oski and Casco campers participate in our favorite evening activities, including Candy Horse Races, Monster Mash, pool parties, Panic, and Gold Rush. They have 2 trip days throughout the session, allowing them to explore local New Hampshire attractions, as well as a camp out at the Wico beach!

Coo – 4th Graders
Coo summer is exciting for many reasons! Coo campers participate in more choice throughout their days. Every Coo will participate in swim instruction, tennis, and waterfront. They pick the rest of their activities based on a personal preference sheet sent to camp prior to the session! In addition to the 2 trip days in the previous age groups, Coo campers can sign up for optional out of camp hikes, overnights, and inter-camp competitions. Another highlight of Coo summer is that returning Coo campers can be big sisters for the first time, acting as mentors for our younger first-time campers!

Eagle – 5th Graders
Eagle campers, the oldest in lower camp, engage in a fully elective based schedule. Eagle campers choose activities based on their skills and interests and try new things that Wico has to offer! In addition to trip days, hikes, overnights, and being big sisters, the Eagle’s added leadership responsibility includes running our annual Explorer Session special event! Eagles look forward to their end of session moving up ceremony and to completing lower camp!

Kineo – 6th Graders
Being the first year in upper camp, Kineo campers have many new opportunities! They can wear their own non-designer clothing and are no longer required to wear Wico uniform. During selective, Kineo campers may choose to relax in their cabin. Instead of choosing an activity they may read a book, shower, and hang with friends! Kineo campers are also responsible for setting up the dining hall for our many themed meals – get ready with your hats, sock, “twins” and more!

Agawan – 7th Graders
Agawans look forward to the additional experience of leaving camp – for sign out night! The Agawan campers are given a choice of several locations, including but not limited to bowling, a minor league baseball game, mini-golf, and ice cream. In addition to being big sisters, leadership opportunities during Agawan summer include setting up and planning the 4th of July celebration (1st session) and Dance Marathon (2nd session).

Zuni – 8th Graders
Zuni campers get excited for their annual trip to Hanover, NH. They tour Dartmouth and explore the college town, a highlight is the college bookstore! The Zunis are also responsible for taking charge of Project Morry on site. After learning about the mission and purpose of Project Morry, they share their knowledge with the rest of Wico and act as cheerleaders, coaches, and announcers throughout our day of fundraising. Zunis are also responsible for planning the theme, menu, and decorations for banquet as a culminating event of the summer!

Totem – 9th Graders
The last year as a camper is full of leadership responsibilities. At the end of each activity day, Totems have a “totem prep” period, when campers work on special events and leadership responsibilities around camp. Totems run our weekly campfires, Wico Challenge Cup (1st session), Color War (2nd Session), and other evening activities such as Monster Mash, Gold Rush and talent shows! The Totem spirit is seen and heard all around camp throughout the summer and is left behind each session with a Totem Legacy Celebration (TLC), a project that emulates the 3Cs for generations to come!

Explorer Program
Wico offers a one-time, first year program for our youngest campers (1st session: campers completing grades 1st-3rd and 2nd session: campers completing grades 1st through 4th). The Explorer Session is two weeks long and designed to be a “taste test” of camp and everything Wico has to offer. Explorer Campers have the opportunity to try most of our camp activities and attend one out of camp trip day. The goal of the Explorer Program is to build our 3Cs in a short period of time, leaving at the end of the session wanting more. For future summers, the girls will return for the entire 3.5 week session.

Our progressive program allows all of our campers, despite age and years at camp, to continue to learn and grow. No matter which camp activities turn out to be your favorite, every member of our community is an active part of promoting confidence, competence and community!

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