The Wicosuta 3Cs philosophy is a part of everything we do! Our goal is for everyone in the Wico community to gain confidence in themselves, competence in a variety of skills and feel part of a physically and emotionally safe community. Being screen free at Wico helps us to:

Strengthen Our Abilities in Activities – Campers and staff are able to try a variety of new activities as well as practice skills they already have. Where else do you have the opportunity to play tennis, go swimming, horseback ride, and kayak all in the same day!

Focus on Empathy – Interactions at camp are face to face, allowing us to feel a deeper connection to others. We are able to observe others’ body language when communicating, including subtle shifts in tone and energy levels that are not visible when texting!

Increase Our Emotional Intelligence (EQ) – Ways that we can increase our EQ include, but are not limited to, responding to instead of reacting to conflict, utilizing active listening skills, and maintaining a positive attitude. We are able to practice these communication skills at Wico without being interrupted by cell phones.

Creatively Occupy Our Time – It is common for all individuals to grab their phones and scroll when there is even a minute of down time. Quick moments of waiting in line, sitting at a traffic light, or even a pause in conversation are filled by grabbing a cell phone. Without this crutch, our community learns and engages in a higher level of reading, writing letters, playing board games, doing word puzzles, listening to, and telling stories! At Wico, even moments of imagining and daydreaming become special!

As you can see, being screen free helps deepen the connections and bonds that make our Wico community so special!



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