Wico’s Winter Wonderland

In December’s chill, with frosty thrill,
Let’s talk about Wico on a snowy hill.
We have cabins and a blazing campfire,
A whimsical place that will inspire.

Oh, the camp I speak of is quite unique,
With snowflakes now falling, a sight to peek.
In the heart of winter, so cold and bright,
It’s a place we dream of summer delight.

The lake, once so lively with laughter and cheer,
Now slumbered beneath a frosty veneer.
Kayaks and canoes in an icy embrace,
Wishing for waves and a sunnier space.

The snowmen, built by the campers with glee,
Whispered of summers by the tall, leafy tree.
Their carrot-nosed faces looked up to the sky,
Imagining sunshine, oh my, oh my!

Counselors in mittens and snow boots so tall,
Recalled lots of crocs and not bundling in shawls.
They chuckled and reminisced, shaking their heads,
Thinking of sunsets and tanning their legs.

Through snow-covered trails, they bravely tread,
In search of magic, their hearts widespread.
Underneath the stars, by the flickering fire,
The 3Cs philosophy never does tire.
For in confidence, competence and community,
We discover the essence of a camp opportunity!

So here’s to camp, on the snowy hill,
Where Wico’s magic is never still.
In December’s embrace, with laughter and cheer,
Campers continue to find joy, year after year.


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